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Sometimes I buy too much fabric. I admit it. Just don’t you dare email my husband and tell him that I’ve admitted it. 😉 If he ever notices that I have

Great skirt, love that colour. So electric! Have you ever thought of going all in with a full circle skirt? Now that’s teenie!

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Oct 17, 2016 · How to Make a Circle Skirt. A circle skirt is a full, flowy skirt that gets its name from the circular shape of the skirt when it is spread out. You can

How has your post-Halloween sugar detox been going? I know, I have posted a trillion Halloween related posts/comments/updates this year. And here I go again, asking

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I have a question about the waist band, please. How wide did you make yours? Or I guess how “tall” or thick? If I use a thinner, fabric, will my waist band not stay

I used to think that a gathered skirt was the easiest skirt to sew. But I may have changed my tune. A circle skirt is possibly even easier!….especially if you leave

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Oct 07, 2015 · Circle skirts are fun to wear no matter what age you are! They twirl, they look adorable, and.they’re easy to make! I always say that. But trust me—I

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If you don’t know how to make a circle skirt yet, check out the Circle Skirt tutorial first, because all of these skirts build on the basic premise of a circle skirt.

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How to Make a Skirt. Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive and made by strangers; in fact, it can be very intimate and personal. Add your own touch of style to the

Not only did I have the wrong fabric, but I was way off on what her teacher really meant by “a line skirt.” Apparently, she wanted something more like this:

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